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Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is LetHQ?

LetHQ is an independently developed online service provider supporting Estate, Letting Agents, Housing Associations’ and Landlords from every corner of the United Kingdom and beyond with a range of easy to order tenant referencing, tenant background and tenant credit checking, solutions.

Who are we?

We are a group veteran property professionals with a wealth of estate and letting agency experience and landlords combining our skills with the award winning UK DBS check provider Access Personal Checking Services.

Who can use LetHQ?

The LetHQ tenant screening, platform has been developed with letting agents, property management companies and independent landlords in mind. However, should you be a one off accidental landlord or even a tenant looking to reference yourself then the system is flexible and simple enough for anyone to make use of.

How do I set up my account?

Simply click on any of the join us or start now buttons on our website or visit our online portal direct at , register your details and click the activation link in the account registration email and you will have access to the system immediately.

I have several offices can each branch have its own account?

Should you choose to take advantage of an enhanced letting agent account this will then give you the facility to register multiple accounts and users for each office you have along with individual user accounts for each of your staff who may require them.

What if I have any questions or require any support?

It’s only natural that you may have some questions or require support and our dedicated, enthusiastic support team will be happy to help you should you require any support.

We operate a sophisticated integrated telephone system so we never miss a call. Our support telephone line is a local number, not premium rate and is on every page of our online application. Should your prospective tenants have any questions with their tenancy application they will contact us direct which helps reduces phone traffic to you or your busy office giving your staff more time to wrap more deals.

How can I order a Tenant Reference?

The simplest way to order your references and tenant credit checks is to use our innovative online reference link. However, for the traditionalists you can also fill in and submit reference applications yourself manually through the portal. We even have a paper application forms for both tenant and guarantors should they be required.

How will I receive my Reference report?

One you have found the perfect tenants and their tenancy assessment has been completed a full advisory pdf assessment report with be emailed to you along with any recommendations or comments that may be applicable to that tenant reference application should our processing team need to add them.

How long will it take?

We have developed a bespoke CRM system in order to help us turnaround our tenant reference, and credit check, reports quickly and accurately. Depending on co operation from referees and applicants, express references are normally processed within less than 1 hour and advance references within 48 hours.

How can I ensure client information is safe?

Security of personal information is paramount. To ensure protection of you and your clients data we use a ISO27001 compliant data centre. An Industry recognised accreditation ensuring data remains private. The portal is SSL encrypted and PCI compliant for debit and credit card details. We also have third party vulnerability scans to ensure your data is further safe and secure.

Can I track progress?

Your tenant reference, progress can be tracked live, 24 hours a day from within the LetHQ portal from any web enabled smart device. You can even request interim reports free of charge should you require a more detailed analysis of your reference progress prior to the assessment completion.

How do we pay for the service?

Should you require an invoiced account this can be requested when registering your account. Once you have agreed to our terms and conditions in our service level agreement we will set your payment terms to invoice which will be sent to you at the start of each month with a full breakdown of all business ordered from us during that payment period. Alternatively, payment can be made to us each time you wish to credit check or reference a tenant through our secure SSL encrypted and PCI compliant debit and credit card system. An invoice/sales receipt will be emailed to you following a successful payment.

Can my tenant pay you instead?

If you require your prospective tenant to pay for their own reference then simply add their debit or credit card details into the system and forward the invoice/sale receipt to them direct once you receive it.



Published on: April 10, 2018