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Tenant referencing made easy

What is a tenant referencing report?

What is a tenant referencing report?

What is a tenant referencing report?

A tenant referencing report is the assessment of a combination of elements for a prospective tenant or their guarantor who wishes to let residential, commercial property or land. Reference elements will normally include the likes of an assessment of their credit file, verification of income from sources such as employers, accountants or benefits or by from their own independent means.

Referencing from previous landlords or letting agents may be requested to help build a picture of their history as a tenant. This is important to have as the present landlord or property manager is able to see whether the tenant conducted the tenancy in an suitable manor. This then allows the next landlord to look for positives or potential negatives and determine whether they may wish to let to the tenant based on the outcome of their report.

A landlord reference will normally contains information such as:

  • Whether the landlord or agent would rent to them again. 
  • Did they leave the property in a suitable condition. 
  • Do they pay the rent on time.


It is also important to verify information on the tenant or guarantors income status and verification of their employment, salary and references from employers both current and future along with accountants referencing and to check and verify if the applicant has any income from state benefits etc.

This is important so the landlord or agent is able to see whether the tenant has enough income to cover rental payments, on time with the right amount of money.

This may contains information such as:

  • The tenants or guarantors employment situation. 
  • Annual salary from employment, job status and their place of work.
  • Validity of their income and affordability ratio.


Another important element is to carry out full UK credit checks against the applicant with an assessment of their credit file. A search for active or satisfied CCJ’s, IVA’s, bankruptcy and notice of corrections along with a search for undeclared alias names and linked address to ensure the individual is thoroughly checked. If any negatives are found it could show that a tenant or guarantor historically may not reliable in maintaining regular payments. In some situations a guarantor may be required.

A suitable guarantor can provides a safety net should a prospective tenant default on payment of rent. A guarantor is an effective way of adding a further layer of security for landlords who want to try to ensure that they will get their rent. Guarantor referencing also covers credit checks, links addresses, alias names, employment and verification of income etc, but must also be in a stronger financial situation to the tenant. In a tenancy were more than one individual is sharing the property such as a couple or student group a linked reference may be required.

A linked reference checks whether the combined incomeis affordable to cover rental payments. This verifies all the information needed for more than one tenant living in the same property and is a effective way of referencing for two or more tenants under the same roof.

All the applicable referencing information can then be assessed and analysed to create a detailed assessment whether prospective tenant and or their guarantor may be recommended as suitablefor a tenancy.



Published on: July 12, 2017