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What is Landlords home Emergency Cover?

What is Landlords home Emergency Cover?

What is Landlords home emergency cover?

Landlords home emergency cover is an optional add on that you can attach to your landlord building insurance policy. It protects your property against unexpected damage to essential services. And makes the process of dealing with emergencies a whole lot smoother.

The add on is designed to make a landlord’s life much easier and less stressful in the event of an emergency. It allows the landlord to solve tenant’s emergency issues quickly whilst retaining peace of mind and suppressing most financial issues that are caused by these emergencies.


So, what does it cover?

Different providers may include, exclude or provide additional cover. However, when you choose to opt in for landlord’s home emergency cover it’s likely that you’ll be covered for situations such as:

  • Sudden leaks caused by roof damage
  • Drain & sewer problems
  • Damage inflicted that compromises one’s security
  • Pest infestations
  • Lost keys
  • Boiler breakdowns & other plumbing/heating problems
  • Water and/or electricity supply failure


At LetHQ, we offer Landlord’s emergency cover as an add on to our Landlord home insurance policy. It covers up to £1,000 for call out charges, labour and materials to carry out emergency repairs. Interested? If you would like to find out more and to obtain your no obligation quote, click here.

Published on: April 23, 2020