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Tenant Liability Insurance

Tenant Liability Insurance

Are you worried about accidently damaging your landlord's furniture or fixtures?

Why not take out the Tenant Liability Insurance.

This policy has been designed to meet the needs of those living in a rented property. It protects you from the cost of any accidental damage to your landlord's property that you could be responsible for in the tenancy agreement. This includes the landlord's furniture, fixtures and fittings that is currently in the property before you have moved in, for example, carpets, bathroom fittings etc.

Even though taking out Tenant Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, many landlords insist tenants should take out the cover when they sign a rental agreement which landlords are entitled to do.

A main benefit of this cover is being protected by any deposit deductions at the end of your tenancy. This would put your mind at rest as you don't want to be at risk of having your deposit taken away from you to pay for the cost of any damages.

When you take out the Tenant Liability Insurance, you are covered up to £10,000 of liability cover included as standard. If you ever need to make a claim on the cover, you can contact us direct and we can assist you through the process.

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Published on: February 5, 2020