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Company Reference

The company reference is suitable for referencing companies leasing commercial, business or agricultural premises.

When a company takes on a tenancy rather than an individual, it is important to evaluate the risk of leasing your commercial property. We have conducted thousands of tenancy assessment for all kinds of company types from around the globe. From small independent companies and sole traders to some of the world’s biggest high street brands.

Our company reference is a trusted risk assessment. Clients who utilise this product range from independent landlords and residential agents who deal in the occasional commercial let to large international commercial clients who manage billions of pounds of assets.

We have designed our company references to accurately appraise all company trading types. We're able to assess private limited companies, sole traders/partnerships as prospective tenants.

  • Risk banding and or Full UK Credit Check. (if applicable)
  • Verification of income and turnover.
  • Current commercial landlord reference.
  • Affordability calculation, name and registered office details.
  • Verification of business activities.
  • Details of Incorporation, directorship & Company share structure.
  • Verification of SIC codes and company number.
  • Demographic Profile & Census data. (if applicable)

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