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Why insurance is important

As an agent or landlord, non-payment of rent is always a risk. Rent guarantee insurance covers any defaults on rent plus legal expenses should you need to make a claim. Your income is protected if your tenants can’t or won’t pay. Even the most reliable tenants can default when met with unexpected circumstances.

Add an additional safety net to your property with our landlord's building insurance. You can relax with full financial protection if there's any damage to the structure of your property.

Insurance can help cover the risks that come with any rental business. We can cover all property portfolios, whether you rent out a single house or a block of flats.

Tenants - we also have you covered

Fire, theft and accidental damage can mean an expensive replacement bill for your possessions. With contents insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you've protected your personal belongings.

Accidental damage to your landlord's furniture and fittings can also be costly. Tenants’ liability insurance also protects you against the cost of any accidental damage to your landlord’s property.

Insurance products for Landlords and Letting Agents

We offer the most cost effective and competitively priced rent protection insurance. It's tailored for letting agents and landlords. We offer a variety of features and more benefits than other rent guarantee insurance policies.

A tenant falling into rent arrears can cause financial challenges for landlords. Rent guarantee insurance gives landlords a safeguard should their tenants fall behind on their rent payments.

All our rent guarantee policies come with no excess so there is nothing to pay should you need to make a claim. This product is available to purchase as a standalone product but can also be added on to our landlord building insurance.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Photo of house being protected by a person's hands.
Rent guarantee insurance is a type of insurance for landlords which can cover your rental income if your tenants become unable to pay their rent.
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Landlord Insurance

:andlord Insurance
Specialist landlord’s insurance ensures that you’re covered should the worst happen.
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Insurance Products for Tenants

Our Tenants Contents Insurance and Tenants Liability Insurance policy has been designed to meet the specific needs of those
living in a rented property. Contents Insurance provides cover for your personal belongings. Tenants’ liability insurance means you
are also protected should they need to cover the cost of any accidental damage to your landlord’s fixtures and fittings.

Tenant's Contents Insurance

Two houses sheltered by an umbrella
Looking for a simple, affordable policy to protect you against the loss, damage or theft of your personal belongings?
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Tenant's Liability Insurance

Tenants receiving keys from their landlord for a new property.
Our Tenants Liability cover provides protection for tenants in the event of accidental damage to their landlord's property.
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