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Digital ID Checks

Digital Identity Checks, powered by the latest UK Government certified Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT). These checks allow you to conduct thorough and reliable identity checks effortlessly online for individuals in the UK and around the world.

The UK rental sector faces a persistent and costly challenge: tenancy fraud. With costs spiralling to over £190 billion annually, and demand for accommodation significantly outweighing supply, the stakes are higher than ever.

Ensuring the authenticity of prospective tenants, their guarantors, and other associated individuals is vital. It’s important not only for compliance with legal standards, but also for safeguarding against fraudulent activities that can pose significant financial risks to landlords and agents.

LetHQ's solution solves all of these problems:

Global Verification: Authenticate the identity of anyone, anywhere, for any reason, offering unrivalled flexibility.
Streamlined Ordering: Initiate checks through a straightforward online order, and receive results in minutes.
Paperless Convenience: Eliminate the need for physical documents – this is a fully digital process.
Document Authenticity Assurance: Confirm that passports and identity documents are genuine and valid.
Cutting-Edge Biometric Technology: Utilise facial recognition technology to add an additional layer of security.
Passive Liveness Detection: Verifies the physical presence of the individual, seamlessly integrated into the process.
Fraud Prevention: Robust checks to safeguard against identity fraud.
Operational Efficiency: Save valuable time and reduce administrative burden.

How It Works

Initiate the Process - Send an email link for the applicant to complete online – this is the single action required from your side.
Applicant Participation - The applicant conducts the checks via their smart device, following simple, user-friendly instructions.
Receive Results - Once completed, the detailed results – including all pertinent verification statuses – are emailed to you directly. No chasing, no stress.

Whether you are vetting tenants and guarantors before a new tenancy, verifying the directors of companies, checking landlords, buyers, sellers as a part of your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) or Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, or screening prospective employees, LetHQ’s Digital Identity Checks are designed to streamline these crucial procedures.

This check costs just £3.49 + VAT. To get started, click the Register button below.

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