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Insurance and Tenant Referencing products for private landlords
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Insurance and Referencing products for landlords

The rise of the do-it-yourself landlord has seen many buy-to-let investors choose to let and manage their own portfolio. We've developed LetHQ with the flexibility to service both agents and private landlords. We can assist with a range of easy to order tenant referencing and rent guarantee insurance products.

It's important to let to the right tenants. Doing so reduces the risk of potential hazards that could arise during both a residential or commercial tenancy. As property experts, we carry out thousands of tenant references and background checks every week. Our professional, accurate reports have a fast turnaround. You can monitor your reference progress live 24/7 at every step and we email you the final report once completed.

We have developed a game changing rent guarantee insurance product. We've tailored this product for letting agents and landlords who based in the UK. Our product's feature set ensure that it stands head and shoulders above other rent guarantee policies available.

Award Winning

LetHQ are proud to have won Best in Sector for Best Tenant Referencing Company in the UK at the 2022 ESTAS awards.
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Tenant Referencing

Our market leading platform combines cutting edge software with trusted methods to deliver fast and accurate results. Our rent guarantee and legal cover insurance comes with no excess and up to 100k legal cover. Our prices start from just £156.00. Setting up a user account is FREE.


Need to quickly establish the creditworthiness of a prospective tenant?
Full UK Credit Check and Credit Score
Public Information Search
Turnaround in just 1 hour
Active and Satisfied County Court Judgements (CCJs)
Active and Satisfied Bankruptcies/Liquidations
Active and Satisfied Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)
Search for Notice of Corrections
Validation of Date of Birth and linked alias names
Confirmation of Electoral Roll, demographic profile and census data
Right to Rent guidance
Search up to 10 undeclared linked addresses
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For more in-depth screening, choose our Advanced product.
Everything from Express plus:
Income verification from employers and accountants with affordability calculation
Current letting agent/landlord referencing
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Guarantor Reference

Some applicants may require support from a guarantor.
Includes everything from our Advanced check to establish suitability of a guarantor
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Company Reference

For more in-depth screening, choose our Advanced product.
Risk banding and or Full UK Credit Check. (if applicable)
Verification of income and turnover.
Current commercial landlord reference.
Affordability calculation, name and registered office details.
Verification of business activities.
Details of Incorporation, directorship & Company share structure.
Verification of SIC codes and company number.
Demographic Profile & Census data. (if applicable)
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Our Full Product Range

Digital ID Checks

Digital ID Checks
Digital Identity Checks, powered by the latest UK Government certified Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT). These checks allow you to conduct thorough and reliable identity checks effortlessly online for individuals in the UK and around the world.
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Digital Right to Rent Checks

Our solution, designed to cut through the clutter and simplify your life. Using advanced UK Government certified Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT), we bring you a seamless, paperless, and efficient system for verifying the right to rent status of British and Irish tenants.
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Rent Guarantee Insurance

Photo of house being protected by a person's hands.
Rent guarantee insurance is a type of insurance for landlords which can cover your rental income if your tenants become unable to pay their rent.
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Landlord Insurance

:andlord Insurance
Specialist landlord’s insurance ensures that you’re covered should the worst happen.
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Express Reference

Stopwatch signifying an express reference
A credit search designed specifically for the purposes of vetting potential tenants powered by TransUnion.
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Advanced Reference

Photo of some houses with a magnifying glass passing over them. Symbolises tenant referencing.
Our Advanced Tenant Reference product includes everything from our Express Tenant Reference product. However, it's a more in-depth search. This makes the advanced Tenant Reference product the recommended option for the professional agent. This is your first and best line of defence against potential fraudulent and bogus tenant applications.
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Guarantor Reference

Guarantor providing a reference
Assess the suitability of your prospective guarantor.
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Company Reference

Commercial buildings in London
The company reference is suitable for referencing companies leasing commercial, business or agricultural premises.
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